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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Premature News on New Diabetes Management Methods
It is about coffee one day, and about a herb on another! The Internet and mainstream media share a passion for rushing to their audiences with glad tidings of new breakthroughs and solutions for diabetes, but almost all these news items are premature and best, and possibly misleading as well.
Your doctor is sure to learn first about any new form of diabetes management. We have to wait until all safety and efficacy tests are complete. The vast majority of early leads in research lead to dead ends. Consumer health web sites and newspapers are simply not in any position to decide on a course of treatment for any specific case of diabetes.
You could harm yourself if you were to take any action for your diabetes based on news about new treatments in web sites and the media. So drink coffee without sugar and cream in moderation if you like, but do not believe that it will fix your blood sugar!


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