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Friday, November 24, 2006

Facts and Claims about Fish Oil and Diabetes

It is true that fish is better than red meats. Non-vegetarians with diabetes are likely to have more fish than the flesh of other animals built in to their prescribed diets.

There are claims that the omega fatty acids in fish have benefits for health, but these matters remain to be researched adequately. The principal issue of cholesterol reduction is better and more surely corrected by modern prescription medicines, in any case.

There is therefore no case for people with diabetes to consume large quantities of fish, or to find ways on their own, for omega fatty acids intake.

It is true that poorly managed diabetes can damage the blood vessels which serve the heart, and that cardiac muscles can weaken. However, it is unlikely that your doctor will use omega fatty acids to correct such serious matters, or that you should try and tinker with the condition on your own.

Fried fish, and catch from polluted coastal waters, are unsuitable for people with diabetes. Crustaceans are high in saturated fats, and should be consumed sparingly, if at all. Mollusks may carry bacterial pathogens, when consumed raw.

You could, if you have diabetes, and if you are fond of sea food, ask for your diet prescription to include small and occasional portions of boiled or grilled fish. It is also a good choice of entrée when dining out, though heavy sauces and marine livers are best avoided. Prefer reputed brands from hygienic farms when you buy fish-exotic imports and the fresh stuff at a stall could be polluted and harmful.


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