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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Atkins Diet and Diabetes

Public opinion may be divided over the Atkins Diet, but you will not meet real people who can stay with it for long periods. This ‘crash’ approach has no role in diabetes, because it is a life-long solution which you require. The Atkins Diet works by tricking the body’s metabolism in to burning sugar; this kind of tinkering can harm you if you are deficient in insulin, or resistant to it.

It is important to restrict carbohydrate intake in diabetes, and this is a focus area for the Atkins Diet as well. However, diabetes needs regulation and balance. You must get an expert to write a diet which keeps you satiated and adequately nourished. A short-term fad will do more harm than good-you need a plan which takes good care of your diet needs on an on going basis.

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