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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Beverage Habits in Diabetes

Thank God for diet sodas! I do not know how I would manage without one at a social event, or after a long and brisk walk on a hot day.

Tea and coffee without cream and sugar are great inventions as well. What else can you have in plenty, besides water, if you have diabetes?

My treat for special occasions is a small serving of orange juice without added sugar. Pile up the glass with ice for extra pleasure, and to make up some volume as well!

A drink now and then does not hurt either provided you start with a high fiber snack-alcohol depresses blood sugar. You have to keep a count of the calories though, because alcohol can supply quite a bit of your blood glucose needs.

Another great drink to nurse with friends is lemon juice with sparkling water and sucralose. It looks as fashionable as a gin and tonic, and has a passable taste to boot.

So you see that there are quite a few things to drink when you have diabetes: you never go thirsty, and can hold a glass as you chat, without harming your diet plan!


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