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Monday, November 27, 2006

Planning Delicious and Filling Entrees for Folks with Diabetes

Cooking or even ordering food separately for guests with diabetes can be a vexed issue. You have to serve something attractive for people in normal health, without making a person with diabetes stick out like a sore thumb at the meal table!

The first and last courses are relatively easy, because you can choose from a wide range of salads, high-grain breads, and fruits. Coffee obviously is not a problem!

That leaves you with a single but major problem of the entrée!

Rice with skewered meats and vegetables is a great answer. You can play around with oily dressings for guests who can afford the calories, and just boil and grill everything for the person with diabetes. Everyone’s plates will look great, and only the guest with diabetes and you may know of the special arrangements!

Keep in mind that you can deviate from plain rice to a pilaf, using a tomato puree, condiments, and a variety of beans, to make servings look and taste really special. Add pimentos of every color you can find on store shelves, and even an artist will envy your palette of ingredients-all this with little or no oil!

Fix your plating with small amounts of rice, so that you do not exceed the carbohydrate limit of a person with diabetes. You can always have a large bowl for your other guests ready at hand for refills. That goes for the vegetables and meats you skewer or otherwise arrange on first plates.

Try this the next time you entertain, and let me know if it does not work!


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