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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Snacking with Diabetes

High fiber biscuits are the best snacks for people with diabetes. It does not help if you eat loads of them in addition to your prescribed diet, but you can ask the health care provider who prepares your menu, to build in some of these kinds of snacks for times of the day when you feel a bit puckish.

A salad with a yoghurt dressing is another delicious and filling snack, though you may be more accustomed to eating one as part of a main meal.

Small and planned quantities of roasted nuts are fine as well, though your heart and kidneys will be grateful for staying away from the salt!

Social events can be deadly in terms of exceeding your calorie limits, especially if there are long bouts of drinking apart from regular meals. Look for low calorie, high fiber, and tasty snacks at such occasions. Remember to provide them as well if you are a host. Your guests with diabetes will love your thoughtfulness!

Please contribute to this web log with your suggestions for snacks that suit people with diabetes!



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