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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cord Blood and Diabetes

Find a way to store cord blood if your spouse or partner and you have planned to have a baby. 
It is almost a certainty that a way to generate new insulin producing tissue from stem cells will be available during the life times of individuals born now. This amounts to a cure for diabetes.
Work is also in progress to implant pancreatic tissue from other people and even from animals such as pigs in to the bodies of people with diabetes, but the chance of success is much better if stem cells could be used.
The umbilical cord which nourishes the fetus in the womb, and which is cut at birth is rich in stem cells. It is normally thrown away, which is a shame, since the stem cells could lead to a cure by the time today’s babies become adults.
Stem cells can be stored indefinitely in special freezers. The technology is similar to the storage of semen. Unfortunately, it is not a widespread facility as yet. Your gynecologist may know of a storage facility near your place of residence, or you could write to me, and I will try to find the nearest one.


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