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Friday, December 01, 2006

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Oral Medicines for Diabetes

Precautions with respect to insulin are more widely appreciated than for oral medicines prescribed to manage diabetes. Here are some matters to check with your doctor when you get your first prescription for oral hypo-glycemic agents:
1.     Which side-effects should you expect?
2.     Are there medicines for diseases other than diabetes, which can interfere with the action of oral hypo-glycemic agents?
3.     Are there any risks associated with taking the prescribed medicines, which you should know?
4.     Which precautions should you observe with respect to oral hypo-glycemics?
5.     Can the prescribed medicines be taken in pregnancy?
You can write to me with the chemical names of medicines you have been prescribed, for this information, in case you are hesitant to bother a busy physician.


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