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Friday, December 15, 2006

Snacks to Prevent Emergencies in Diabetes

It is all very well to say that people with diabetes should adhere to routines and prescriptions, but there are occasions when meals can be delayed, or when circumstances cause blood sugar to fall steeply because of stress or sudden physical exertion.

People with diabetes should always carry 2 kinds of snacks with them, wherever they go. One kind, should give a quick bolus of glucose when the level falls suddenly. The other kind should provide a low but steady supply of glucose over an extended period (this is useful when you know beforehand that a normal meal schedule is likely to be disrupted). A snack which gives a quick burst of glucose is said to have a high glycemic index. It follows that food with a low glycemic index will not result in a sudden rise in blood glucose, but will prevent hypoglycemia for a relatively long time.

Here is a list:

High Glycemic Index

Low Glycemic Index





Corn chips




Salted crackers


French fries


Mashed potatoes

Tomato soup

White bread

Skimmed milk




Plain yoghurt

Please check these lists with your physician or with the care-giver responsible for your prescribed diet.

Let me know if you would like information about other food items which do not appear here. You can leave a post, or send me an email.


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