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Monday, December 11, 2006

Candid Discrimination against Women with Diabetes!

The name is impressive enough, though the behavior of this fungus is quite blatantly chauvinistic! Candida albicans discriminates against women, because the female genital tract is its favorite haunt. It is versatile though, and does not fight shy of attacking the mouth as well. All women are vulnerable to fungal infections, and those with diabetes have to be especially careful.

The skin is highly sensitive to the states of the fine blood vessels and nerves. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to changes in skin texture and appearance, apart from threats of microbial infections. Fortunately, most of the skin complications of poorly managed diabetes can be uncovered during physical examination by a doctor, and treated in time. However, delayed detection and treatment of diabetes because a person is denied or avoids medical care, can lead to serious skin disorders. Keeping blood sugar within the normal range at all times is critical for keeping skin supple and free of blemishes.


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