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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Exuberant About Diabetes!

A new form of insulin, made by Pfizer, and called Exubera, is available in the United States. It comes with its own inhaler, and you just breathe it in, so that it enters your blood from your lungs.

This new form of insulin, which you inhale rather than inject, is not for people with diabetes who smoke, or you have lung infections or diseases. Your doctor will ask you to take a lung function test called spirometry, before you can get a prescription for it.

The dose of this form of insulin is different from all conventional injectable forms. You will have to learn to take care of the inhaler as well.

Your doctor may want to continue oral pills for your diabetes with the new form of insulin which is inhaled.

You need to inhale the insulin 10 minutes before each meal.

Ask your doctor about the new form of insulin which is inhaled-perhaps you can use it to reduce if not substitute completely, the chore of daily injections.


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