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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sex and Bladder Problems in Diabetes

Sexual drive decreases naturally with age, and the elderly experience incontinence and other disturbances of the urinary system.

Poorly managed diabetes brings the onset of sex and urological problems forward, embarrassing adults who are not yet senior citizens.

Hypertension and high cholesterol levels in blood aggravate the complications of diabetes on sexual and urological health.

Sexual health and normal bladder functions are major incentives for people of all ages to try and prevent diabetes, to detect it in time, and to manage it well from onset.

However, this does not mean that you have to live with a poor sex life and with incontinence if your diabetes has been detected late, or if you have been careless with its management.

Doctors can use surgery and prescribe medicines to help with penile erections, normal vaginal moisture, complete and timely bladder emptying, and to treat bladder infections.

Embarrassment can keep patients from discussing these problems with doctors frankly, and they suffer needlessly in silence as a result.

Turn a new page today, and discuss any sex and bladder problems you experience with your physician today. There is little you can do on your own, other than to keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight always within the normal ranges, but your doctor can order tests, and decide on a course of action, if you have been lax in the past, and want to stay fit and healthy.


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