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Friday, December 08, 2006

Nerve Protection in Diabetes

Diabetes affects all body tissues, and the nerves are amongst the worst affected. Even short durations of hypo or hyperglycemia can hurt

We do not realize it in the beginning, or when young, because the nervous system, especially the brain has so much redundancy built in to it.

We feel the effects of nerve damage first by tingling, acute pain, and numbness in the toes-damage is quite advanced by then

Some ways of protecting nerves:

- Try homeopathy with your physician’s permission. Biochemic Tissue salts are not tested to the standards of modern medicine, but they will not harm, and there are anecdotal reports of benefits

- ensure that your diet is balanced for minerals if it has not been made professionally-or ask your doctor for approval to use a vitamin supplement

- Exercise you entire nervous system-use mind expanding and other exercises for the brain, and use your toes regularly

None of this is entirely effective, at least in a substantiated way, but it is a worthwhile course of action if your blood glucose control is not even, or if your diabetes has been discovered late.


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