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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Diabetes and Depression

There is a vicious cycle relationship between diabetes and depression. Each can cause the other, and it is not uncommon for people to have both.

Depression, unlike diabetes, does not have a numerical diagnostic test. Therefore, only a psychiatrist can make a subjective diagnosis of this condition.

It is certain that a psychiatrist treating a patient for depression will monitor glucose metabolism. However, a physician managing a case of diabetes may fail to spot signs of possible depression. Hence, everyone with diabetes should ask his or her doctor for a reference to a psychiatrist to rule out depression, and other mental disorders as well.

Insomnia, a feeling of hopelessness, excessive stress, and tiredness may make many people with diabetes guess that they some degree of depression. However, self-management of this condition can aggravate it, or may not work at all. Psychiatrists use counseling and medication to manage diabetes, and their professional approach is always in the best interests of patients.

Diabetes prevention and management steps work well to prevent depression. These steps include adherence to a prescribed diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. Health literacy about diabetes, the ability to lead a meaningful life with the condition, and adequate insurance or money to pay for treatment, play key roles in keeping depression and diabetes apart.

Everyone can benefit from an annual psychiatric evaluation, but this is especially the case with people who have diabetes.

Why not ask for a reference to a psychiatrist today?


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