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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Walking Tips for People with Diabetes

Walking is the most fun part of diabetes management. It quickly becomes a habit, and something to which we van look forward. Here are some tips to make most of your walking regimen:

1. It is worth driving to a scenic spot-walking in a built up area, or round and round a small strip can be boring

2. Look for grass or sand, because walking on concrete can strain joints even if you have the best brand of walking shoes

3. Change in to loosely fitting cotton clothes because walking in formal clothes can be less than enjoyable. Remember to dress warm when necessary and to prevent chills.

4. Keep emergency snacks or a beverage handy, because hypoglycemia is possible if it is hot or if you have not eaten normally on a particular day.

5. Walk alone to clear your mind, and pace your speed and duration to suit your level of fitness

Never start without medical evaluation-walking suddenly can harm the heart and kidneys.

Walking and diabetes are made for each other!


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