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Friday, September 22, 2006

Laughter Makes Diabetes Easier

Smiles Help Diabetes Go Down!

Diabetes can be such a bore! You have to eat at specific times, no matter whether you are hungry or not, and even if friends are still in the midst of some activity. There are limits to strenuous exercise, even if you would like to join your friends in a sport. The medicines are inevitable, including the nuisance of injections in many cases. Not even an insulin pump sets you truly free on par with others who do not have diabetes!

Diabetes implies sacrifice. We have sugar substitutes and low fat ways of cooking, but you still have to pass some delicious stuff in which others indulge! There are all kinds of special preparations when going away from home on trips, and getting well after illness or surgery can take longer than usual.

Diabetes can be especially difficult for children to bear. Glucose intolerance does not seem to be a good reason to pass up candies and ice-cream if you are just a few years old! Picnics, camps, and hikes are just a few of the joys of growing up, which a child with diabetes cannot enjoy in full.

Lighter moments help life with diabetes, no matter what your age may be! There are no limits to laughing in diabetes, and you can enjoy jokes and comedy just like other folks.

Never miss a show, cinema, or theater, which can make people with diabetes forget their travails for a while. It gives a whole new color to life, and fills people with fresh spirit.

Let me know where you live, your background and community, and I can help with some fun suggestions.

Inspiration for People with Diabetes

Olympic Medals with Diabetes!

Imagine the intense global competition, and the kind of physical effort involved! Athletes spend entire lifetimes to win of the top three places in an Olympic event. There is no higher pinnacle for physical fitness!

Gary Hall is an Olympic champion several times over! He has taken part in no fewer than three Olympics! Gary’s father is an Olympian as well. Now what does this have to do with diabetes?

Gary has diabetes, and suffered huge financial and career setbacks when it was first discovered and announced. However, this great athlete took adversity in his stride, and went on to win laurels for his country, even as he battled to keep his blood glucose under control.

This real life truth of a person with diabetes winning Olympic titles not just once, but ten times, has many lessons for all of us. First, it proves that modern medicine has an effective answer for the challenge of diabetes: everyone with the disease can live productive lives and follow their dreams, with no more than simple observance of doctors’ prescriptions.

Secondly, we have inspiring proof that diabetes is not something which should cause depression or any sense of hopelessness. Every person with a blood glucose problem can turn the page and overcome the handicap.

Remember Gary Hall when you first hear that you or a loved one has diabetes, and follow this lead to achieve matching heights in your chosen field!

Make a post here or send me an email if you have trouble coping with diabetes and need help to put your life back on track.

Delicious Ways to Keep Diabetes at Bay

Type II diabetes prevention can taste good!

Who would not like to keep Type II diabetes away? This terrible disease threatens longevity, picks on you at the peak of your career, and costs a packet to treat as well!

Dietary fat has more to do with Type II diabetes than many of us appreciate. Most of us do not have the time to work off the huge stores of energy which fats contain, and putting on weight, which comes with unused fats, is a major element of insulin resistance.

Business and social events, restaurant and room service menus, long flights on full-service airlines-modern life is a mine field of fat! Much of this comes from meat, crustacean sea food, and animal fats in which our favorite entrees are cooked.

A vegan diet is a great way to cut back on fat and to add fiber to your diet. Extruded soy, other beans, wheat gluten, mushrooms, can give you much of the chewy tastes of meats with only fractions of the fat. Oriental cooking methods can introduce to a whole new way of enjoying the most satisfying meals, while driving Type II diabetes to a safe distance from your physiology.

Leave a post here or send me an email if you would like information on finding great vegan meals at restaurants near your home, or if you care to try your hand at some recipes which will have your taste buds begging for more!

Diabetes by any Name!

Do not let the name lull you in to complacence!

Metabolic Syndrome: what is that?

Metabolic Syndrome is neither theoretical nor benign-it is no different from ‘good old’ diabetes when it comes to dietary restrictions, regular exercise, and perhaps some medicines and injections as well. Many of the chronic effects of Metabolic Syndrome are very similar to those of diabetes.

Eating too much of the wrong foods, a sedentary lifestyle, and ignorance of blood glucose levels forms the triad of which Metabolic Syndrome is based, and its life-threatening potential is no different from classic Type II diabetes.

Unlike many other diseases which strike for no fault of our own, Metabolic Syndrome is largely of our doing, though genes have roles in this condition as well.. Anyone can keep Metabolic Syndrome at bay through regular blood glucose monitoring, a judicious and balanced diet, and an active lifestyle.

High abdominal fat is a tell-tale sign of Metabolic Syndrome. It is common in older adults, and can affect children with bad eating and exercise habits as well. Hypertension and high fat content in blood are other key elements of this condition.

Metabolic Syndrome is also called Syndrome X or Insulin Resistance. It increases the chances of heart disease, no matter which name you prefer!

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