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Monday, July 30, 2007

Meet the Fast Food Challenge in Diabetes

A deep crust pizza with your favorite toppings; an ice-cream float with irresistible colors, syrup, and caramel; a diabetes diet is much easier to follow when all you see is the boring old menu your nutrition expert has written out for you!

Looking at delicious meals, snacks, and beverages you enjoyed in your days before diabetes, can melt the steeliest resolve. That goes for portion control as well, when you have a hotel buffet before you with no spouse watching over your shoulder!

Satiety hormones can rescue diabetes diets from ruin. They work very much like insulin, with injections under the skin before major meals. You do need separate syringes though, because these hormones cannot be mixed with insulin.

Pramlintide is an important satiety hormone which can improve your diabetes management by helping you feel satisfied with the food and portions prescribed for your condition.

Ask your doctor about the link below, which I retrieved earlier today, if you have trouble sticking to your diabetes diet, or if you are sorely tempted to have flings with fast food and sodas:


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