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Friday, September 22, 2006

Diabetes by any Name!

Do not let the name lull you in to complacence!

Metabolic Syndrome: what is that?

Metabolic Syndrome is neither theoretical nor benign-it is no different from ‘good old’ diabetes when it comes to dietary restrictions, regular exercise, and perhaps some medicines and injections as well. Many of the chronic effects of Metabolic Syndrome are very similar to those of diabetes.

Eating too much of the wrong foods, a sedentary lifestyle, and ignorance of blood glucose levels forms the triad of which Metabolic Syndrome is based, and its life-threatening potential is no different from classic Type II diabetes.

Unlike many other diseases which strike for no fault of our own, Metabolic Syndrome is largely of our doing, though genes have roles in this condition as well.. Anyone can keep Metabolic Syndrome at bay through regular blood glucose monitoring, a judicious and balanced diet, and an active lifestyle.

High abdominal fat is a tell-tale sign of Metabolic Syndrome. It is common in older adults, and can affect children with bad eating and exercise habits as well. Hypertension and high fat content in blood are other key elements of this condition.

Metabolic Syndrome is also called Syndrome X or Insulin Resistance. It increases the chances of heart disease, no matter which name you prefer!

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