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Friday, September 22, 2006

Inspiration for People with Diabetes

Olympic Medals with Diabetes!

Imagine the intense global competition, and the kind of physical effort involved! Athletes spend entire lifetimes to win of the top three places in an Olympic event. There is no higher pinnacle for physical fitness!

Gary Hall is an Olympic champion several times over! He has taken part in no fewer than three Olympics! Gary’s father is an Olympian as well. Now what does this have to do with diabetes?

Gary has diabetes, and suffered huge financial and career setbacks when it was first discovered and announced. However, this great athlete took adversity in his stride, and went on to win laurels for his country, even as he battled to keep his blood glucose under control.

This real life truth of a person with diabetes winning Olympic titles not just once, but ten times, has many lessons for all of us. First, it proves that modern medicine has an effective answer for the challenge of diabetes: everyone with the disease can live productive lives and follow their dreams, with no more than simple observance of doctors’ prescriptions.

Secondly, we have inspiring proof that diabetes is not something which should cause depression or any sense of hopelessness. Every person with a blood glucose problem can turn the page and overcome the handicap.

Remember Gary Hall when you first hear that you or a loved one has diabetes, and follow this lead to achieve matching heights in your chosen field!

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