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Friday, September 22, 2006

Laughter Makes Diabetes Easier

Smiles Help Diabetes Go Down!

Diabetes can be such a bore! You have to eat at specific times, no matter whether you are hungry or not, and even if friends are still in the midst of some activity. There are limits to strenuous exercise, even if you would like to join your friends in a sport. The medicines are inevitable, including the nuisance of injections in many cases. Not even an insulin pump sets you truly free on par with others who do not have diabetes!

Diabetes implies sacrifice. We have sugar substitutes and low fat ways of cooking, but you still have to pass some delicious stuff in which others indulge! There are all kinds of special preparations when going away from home on trips, and getting well after illness or surgery can take longer than usual.

Diabetes can be especially difficult for children to bear. Glucose intolerance does not seem to be a good reason to pass up candies and ice-cream if you are just a few years old! Picnics, camps, and hikes are just a few of the joys of growing up, which a child with diabetes cannot enjoy in full.

Lighter moments help life with diabetes, no matter what your age may be! There are no limits to laughing in diabetes, and you can enjoy jokes and comedy just like other folks.

Never miss a show, cinema, or theater, which can make people with diabetes forget their travails for a while. It gives a whole new color to life, and fills people with fresh spirit.

Let me know where you live, your background and community, and I can help with some fun suggestions.


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