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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Something for People with Diabetes to Try

High blood pressure and diabetes are dangerous but common bed fellows. Many people with either one of these conditions often develop the other over time. Neither hypertension nor diabetes have obvious distinguishing symptoms in their early stages, so large numbers of people may suffer for long periods of time without knowing.

Both high blood pressure and diabetes require lifelong or long term prescription medicines. It is not usual to come across things which you can do on your own to keep either blood pressure or blood sugar under control.

That is why you should click on the following link which I found earlier today:

Rest assured that I have no financial interest in the company which makes this device, or in enticing you to buy a unit. However, I can vouch from personal experience, that regulating breathing, especially slowing down expiration, does help bring down blood pressure, and that learning to regulate breathing on your own needs weeks with an expert guide.


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