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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Diabetes and Allergies

Type 1 diabetes and allergies are both disorders of the auto-immune system. Yet these two medical conditions are most probably controlled by entirely independent sets of genes. People with diabetes do not necessarily have allergies and vice-versa. Take a look, if you have a penchant for medical statistics, at the following link I accessed earlier today:

Type 2 diabetes develops for reasons completed unrelated to the immune system. You may have all your white blood cell counts in order but enjoy normal glucose metabolism. However, what about the reverse? A person with diabetes who also suffers from allergies can present special problems for clinicians. Sneezing and a cold can play havoc with blood glucose levels and affect diabetes medication dosing as well.

Take a look at the following link I came across today:

Keep this excellent article handy. Share it with friends as well. It could be the best present to welcome the summer which is around the corner, or even upon us, depending upon your longitude!

Allergy management, especially the preventive aspects, matters for everyone, but is especially important if you have any form of diabetes.


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Any wound will not heal quickly if you are suffering from diabetes. And there are allergies symptoms when they don't heal

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