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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Food for Thought if You Have Diabetes

Take some deep breaths slowly, lie down in a calm and cool place, and then access the following link:

This link is available on the Internet for a limited period of time. Please write to me for the substance of information available on this link if you happen to try and access it after it has been removed.

Diabetes and hospital visits have an unfortunate but undeniable correlation. Hopefully, you will steer clear of complications by following your doctor’s prescription to a T, but regular visits for check ups, and even overnight and short duration admissions in rooms and wards of hospitals cannot be ruled out.

The link in this post relates to hospitals in the United States, but that does not mean that medical institutions and services in most other countries are any better.

Errors in hospitals are never desirable, but they can spell especially serious problems for people with diabetes. Planning ahead makes the difference between landing up in a poorly managed hospital, and choosing a well run one for your care.

Ask your physician for hard data on hospitals in your place of residence, and ensure that your insurance policy covers care in the most reliable institutions available.


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