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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Diabetes and Strong Bones

Let me start with a disclosure: I make a living partly from ultrasound evaluation of bone quality. However, no ulterior motives prompt me to warn you today that you should ask your physician about your bone quality at least once a year, if you have diabetes. Older women are especially vulnerable, but obese men with sedentary lifestyles, and those who abuse nicotine in any form or alcohol, are also likely to have osteoporosis. The latter is a silent condition, so will never know for sure without an annual check.

Diabetes puts indirect strain on bones, especially as you grow old. This is because persistent fluctuations in blood glucose levels affect nerves and blood vessels, making you stumble and fall more frequently than others with good eyesight, strong limbs, and flexible joints.

Take a look at the following link I accessed earlier today:

Regular checks on bones matter for all women in or near menopause, and for older men as well. However, it is doubly important if you have diabetes as well.

Write to me if you would like more information on osteoporosis and fragile fractures in older people.


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