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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sex and Diabetes

The good news first-you can enjoy great sex as long as diabetes is detected in time, and you follow your prescription without any lapse. However, undetected or poorly managed diabetes will affect libido. Diabetes has 3 effects which rob you of sexual pleasure:

- it weakens your muscles

- it damages your nerves

- it makes you prone to infection

A flaccid penis or clitoris is the most dramatic outcome of neglected diabetes. The ability of the vagina to expand and contract will also be affected, making coitus painful for the woman and less satisfying for the man. The female reproductive tract harbors beneficial natural microbes, and this population will be vulnerable to displacement by nasty pathogens, inflaming the area, and resulting in smelly discharges.

Some medicines used to manage high blood pressure and diabetes may also decrease your sex drive.

Uncontrolled diabetes can affect homosexual relationships just as with men and women partners.

A drop in sexual performance leads to anxiety and depression, which takes sex life in a vicious and downward spiral.

Many patients and their partners suffer in silence. This is sad and unnecessary, because doctors can help.

So return to your sexual pleasure peak by discussing your problems and developments with your physician. You can also leave a post here or send me an email in guaranteed confidence. I will not suggest prescription medicines, but will suggest how to approach your doctor, and some non-prescription approaches as well.


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