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Friday, November 03, 2006

Diabetes Bonding

It always helps to learn from the experiences of others, and diabetes is certainly no exception to this rule. Prescriptions of doctors often fall prey to temptation, and scheduled clinic visits are not always frequent enough to keep us ‘on the ball’.

There are two ways in which people with diabetes can help each other in cheerful ways: one is to exchange new recipes and cooking methods, and the other is to take long walks together, applying good old peer pressure to make sure that there is no goofing off!

Negative experiences of the effects of negligence in detecting and managing diabetes act as shockers, frightening others in to diligent monitoring of their own blood glucose levels, and preventive behavior. Relatives and friends of people, who have lost limbs and eyesight due to uncontrolled diabetes, are generally most careful of what they eat, and about body weight. Similarly, doctors and nurses who work in dialysis wards are extra careful to protect their own kidneys from diabetes! The sight of a person who has lost a limb to diabetes is horrific, and can put you off candies and fast food for life!

Since the incidence of diabetes is on the rise, it seems that awareness about the horrors of neglecting this condition is low. Each of us can make starts for the better in our own families, adhering to best practices in surveillance, and maintaining constant vigilance against bad food habits and sheer laziness creeping in to our homes. Naturally, children need the most attention.

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