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Monday, October 30, 2006

Why the Type of Diabetes You Have Matters

“What is all the fuss about types in diabetes? Who cares whether it is type 1 or type 2 as long as I am saddled with it?”

The answer to this vexed question is that type 1 is reversible, and can be controlled to a large extent, but type 2 is not

Type 2 diabetes can change for the better or worse. It is preceded by long periods of pre-diabetes, which serve as warnings, but which are unfortunately ignored.

Nag your doctor to help you improve your diet, and lifestyle, when he or she brings glad news that you do not have diabetes, so that the disease stays away! Everyone can do more for diabetes prevention, though trying medical experiments on your own can cause harm.

Victims of type 1 diabetes have to live meekly with their prescriptions, until a cure is ready for market, but the type 2 diabetes folk of the world can work with their doctors to reverse the condition.

It is a bit of a bore but worth everyone’s while!


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