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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fight Diabetes through Your Mouth!

There is no safe and ethical for lay people to self-treat diabetes: it is undeniably a condition which requires medical intervention. Medical science has some fine tools to manage diabetes, but they have so many potential side-effects, that it takes a doctor many years of experience to learn how to use them safely. All proven medicines for diabetes management are available by prescription only.

This does not mean that we are helpless by ourselves when it comes to diabetes. The type 2 variety is preventable, and each of us can make a significant effort in this direction, simply by being careful and calculating about what enters our mouths!

The Department of Agriculture has framed dietary guidelines which are easy to follow, and which prevent overloading your system with sugars and fats that can take you down the diabetes path. It is surprising but true that the simple steps of eating right, exercising regularly, and keeping body weight under check can do so much to keep type 2 diabetes at bay. Cereals, fruits, and vegetables, which should form the bulk of nutritious and judicious diets, can be delicious and filling: you will feel the difference from sugar and fat rich meals right away, and feel much better for it!

It is never too late to make a new start. Leave a post here or send me an email if you would like free advice on how you can adjust your diet to keep type 2 diabetes away.


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