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Thursday, October 26, 2006

What is All This about Cures for Diabetes?

There is no cure for diabetes-as yet.

Scientists have come close to putting new insulin producing cells of a healthy pancreas in to the body of a person with diabetes. Another approach has been to try and develop new pancreas tissue from undifferentiated umbilical cord cells. This could become reality soon, but the research is hampered by difficulties in getting material after child birth, and by ethical and legal considerations with respect to experimentation with unused blastocysts after artificial fertilization procedures.

Some Ayurveda practitioners claim to have herbs which can offer some kind of remedy for diabetes. This has never been proven, and since the medicines are not clearly specified, may put health at unknown risks.

The only course for people with diabetes at this time is to focus on their prescriptions for medicine, diet, and exercise.

We can also hope for a cure soon.


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