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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Medicines that Can Cause Secondary Diabetes

Fortunately, there is no danger of developing diabetes from drugs sold over-the-counter. Such danger is restricted to medicines which can only be legally sold by prescription. The Internet has spawned illegal trade in medicines, ostensibly offering major price reductions, but in reality tempting people to self-medicate, and to use products of uncertain quality.

Pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, and problems with heart functions require doctors to prescribe medicines which can stimulate diabetes. Doctors obviously keep these risks in mind when writing their prescriptions. Heart diseases and diabetes are often interlinked, so doctors are acutely conscious of the diabetes-related risks of beta blockers. They would also avoid thiazides and other diuretics for hypertension, because they can also result in the onset of diabetes. Patients can help doctors by not complaining too much about pain which may subside in the course of time, because doctors may prescribe gluco-corticoids for immediate relief, and end up with diabetes in a patient! Diabetes is also a concern when choosing a method of birth control, or managing menopause, because the use of artificial forms of estrogen may result in diabetes.

The best ways of living with the risks of managing the diabetes risks of prescription medicines are:

  • Do not access prescription medicine from Internet sites
  • Observe dose, frequency, and duration instructions in prescriptions strictly
  • Discuss risks, adverse side-effects, contra-indications, and drug-drug interactions with your doctor, when he or she writes out a prescription for you.

Leave a post here or send an email if your doctor is too busy to answer such questions, and if you would like me to provide this information related to medicines which you have been prescribed.


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