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Monday, October 09, 2006

You Can Keep Diabetes a Secret

Not everyone with diabetes wants others to know of their condition. It is not in my place to pass judgment on the merits of keeping medical information secret, but it is certainly an adult prerogative.

Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes are special conditions which people like to keep to themselves. Most type 2 diabetes sufferers develop large circles of friends and acquaintances before they discover the illness, and feel shy about telling the whole world about their new predicament. Similarly, gestational diabetes goes away after child birth, so why tell anyone?

Meals at social events are the most embarrassing times for people with any form of diabetes, for it is very difficult to tell others why you have to stay away from your favorite foods and beverages. Protracted negotiations can delay meal times, and again, some people with diabetes may hesitate to make an issue about eating on time.

There are three specific things that help to keep diabetes management private:

a. Plead that you have been asked to go on a diet, to stay away from fatty and sugary foods which friends know you love.

b. Keep high fiber snacks handy to fill in for delayed or incomplete meals due to exigencies of work.

c. Use a washroom break to take oral medication and insulin on time, no matter how packed a day’s schedule may be.

It is better to share news of diabetes with everyone, for the disease is not a crime! Friends and associates can help keep your spirits up! Nevertheless, a decision to share or to conceal the information is your choice.

One crucial aspect is to keep information on your person about your diabetic condition, your medicine regimen, and your doctor’s telephone numbers and address, on your person at all times. It could save your life in an accident that leaves you unconscious.


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