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Friday, October 06, 2006

Diabetes is a Disease and Not Always Your Fault!

Type 1 diabetes is inherited. So there is no way anyone with this condition can be blamed for it! Type 1diabetes is often discovered in early childhood, perhaps during a first medical examination and it is difficult for young people to understand the nature and origins of their affliction. Parents and teachers can do much to explain matters not just to children with Type 1 diabetes, but to their peers as well, so that there is no teasing or discrimination on this medical account.

Gestational diabetes and Type II diabetes can be prevented or at least delayed to some extent, so people who deteriorate in to these conditions even after being warned to control diet and weight, have some reason to recriminate. However, glucose tolerance can suffer even in the face of the strictest precautions, and some cases of diabetes in pregnancy and later adult life can be reversed in large measures.

It is common but unnecessary to greet news of diabetes in the family with depression. The truth is that few diseases can be managed as well with modern medicine, and with informed patient compliance, as diabetes. It is possible to live well with the disease, and to achieve the most ambitious goals.

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