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Friday, October 20, 2006

Weight Gain after Diabetes Detection

Untreated diabetes causes muscles to waste away, and can also affect fluid balance in a body because of kidney malfunction. Most of all, there is insufficient energy for new tissue construction, though a surfeit of glucose circulates in blood. These are the reasons for weight loss being one of the effects of diabetes which lies undetected and neglected.

Diabetes medication can make people put on weight. Some of this is desirable because new tissues start developing, but the element which is due to a better appetite can aggravate the problem.

Though early detection of pre-diabetes can stall type 2 diabetes; however, the type 1 variety stays with us for life. Scientists work on remedies but we do not have one as yet. Many cases of type 2 diabetes also require lifelong management. Keeping your weight within a target range is a key element of diabetes management.

Stay with your prescribed diet and exercise regimen to prevent or limit weight gain. Do keep to schedules of doctor visits, so that your progress can be tracked. Your doctor can make adjustments to your diet to control weight gain after diabetes treatment starts.

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