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Saturday, October 14, 2006

How Parents Can Save Children from the Growing Type 2 Diabetes Threat

Most countries have horrifying statistics of growing juvenile diabetes in their communities. There is no known way of preventing Type 1 diabetes, but the type 2 version is largely preventable. Type 2 diabetes has been an issue in middle-age for some time now, but it is a 21st century phenomenon to find so many children with inadequate insulin.

Parents have central roles in preventing type 2 diabetes in their children. Composition and calorie dimensions of what children eat and drink is almost entirely in the hands of parents. No one can control every snack or beverage which a child may take when away from home and with their peers, but the major nutritional contribution is from the home refrigerator and the family table. Children, whose diet is rich is fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, and relatively low in meat, sugar, and fats, should be safe from type 2 diabetes.

Exercise has much to do with the dimensions of diet, and again, it is up to parents to inculcate love for sports and outdoor games in their children. It is unhealthy for children to spend time at computer consoles and in other sedentary pastimes, at the cost of physical development through regular exercise. Children who stay indoors, and who prefer computer games to the real ones, are in danger of type 2 diabetes even if they eat no more than is normal for individuals of their ages.

Review the food and drink you serve to your children, and the time and calories they expend in playing court and field games, and in training for athletics. Make changes which will keep them safe from the scourge of type 2 diabetes.

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