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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Economics of Diabetes

The time value of money is a fundamental principle of investment. Returns tomorrow are not as valuable as money in hand. Diabetes, especially the type 2 variety is very similar in its effects on the wallet!

Type 2 diabetes is so expensive to manage that keeping it away is certain to yield big savings, whether in the form of health insurance premiums, or direct purchase costs for the under-insured and for those without any health insurance.

Pharmaceutical companies love diabetes patients, because we become customers for life!

However, even the cost of diabetes management pales in the face of the costs of neglect. Diabetes can take away eyesight, feet, and stop the kidney and heart from functioning normally. Keeping alive without these vital organs in full flow, is not merely expensive, but of poor quality as well.

Diabetes prevention makes great economic sense, and diabetes management does as well.

Everyone can gain by cutting back on sugar and fats in diet, making time for long walks, and taking glucose tolerance tests on a regular basis. Strict adherence to a doctor’s prescription, once diabetes is discovered, will keep complications away.

You can take the first step to a healthier life and save on medical costs today-leave a post her or send me an email if you would like to know more.


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