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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Question about Diabetes Medicine for your Doctor

Metformin is an important diabetes medicine in the armory of every physician. Many other forms of diabetes treatment make patients gain weight, or act too well, bringing blood glucose levels before safety levels. Metformin does not have these disadvantages, and is therefore at the forefront on diabetes care.

A recent study shows that long term Metformin use can cause Vitamin B12 deficiency. So do ask you doctor if you need a test to check your level of this vitamin if you have been on metformin treatment for some time. The deficiency is fairly easy to correct through pills, but should not be allowed to linger.

The study may not apply to you, so do not rush off to the nearest store and start popping vitamin pills without asking your doctor! Leave a post here or email me if you would like a link to the study.


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