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Monday, October 23, 2006

Cheating in Diabetes Management

Can you trust the Internet for diabetes information and management? This question evokes mixed responses amongst patient populations, and most doctors are outright critical about the matter.

The Internet is a double edged sword when it comes to healthcare. Health literacy is desirable, but self-medication is not.

The lines are fairly clear when it comes to prescription medicine, because you cannot get it on your own. It is also fine with OTC products because regulators have tested them for safety and manufacturers maintain vigilance as well.

A grey area is that of Complementary and Alternate medicine. You get all kinds of claims on the Web. It is always essential to go by the advice of a Primary Care Physician-any medication without his or her prior approval could harm you.

There are no cures for diabetes and the only medicines which are known to control the condition in modern science are only available with prescriptions. Diet and exercise can prevent or delay some but not all types of diabetes, and even such diet and exercise regimens should only be followed under a doctor’s supervision.


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