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Friday, December 22, 2006

Food Exchange Fun in Diabetes

You know what they say about variety in life, so make your food exchange lists as long as possible if you have diabetes!

Remember that food exchanges work only within nutrition groups. You can have pasta instead of bread, and even add some salad without dressing from the ‘free’ list, but no cheating by adding red meats or fats in place of greens or grains!

Seriously, portion control is integral to playing with and enjoying food exchanges. Spoonfuls refer to level scoops, not ‘mile-high’ ones. Remember that low energy-density foods such as leafy vegetables shrink in volume on heating or processing, because they contain large amounts of water.

Add as much as you can to your exchange lists. Entries for ethnic foods come in handy when dining out. Your known brands may not be available even when you travel small distances from home. So, make your care giver work harder, by asking for as many additions to your food exchanges as possible.

Write to me, or leave a post here, if you are interested in food exchanges in Indian cuisine. I can suggest some grills and beans that will leave you more than satiated within your calorie limits and nutrition requirements.


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