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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Botox and Diabetes

Though nerve degeneration leading to errors of involuntary muscle contractions are not yet approved indications for use of specified botulism toxins, investigators have begun clinical trials to help patients with foot ulcers, and difficulties in swallowing food.

You could ask your physician to find, or even to initiate trials, if your diabetes can led to a complication which threatens your feet. There could be risks in participating in such trials, not all of which are known as yet. However, you may wish to take a voluntary and considered chance if your diabetes has been discovered so late, or if it has been so poorly managed in the past, that an amputation appears probable. You should consider this option only if approved medical and surgical measures to treat nerve and muscle complications of diabetes have been exhausted.

Please also tell any poor and health illiterate people you know about this possibility, if they suffer from advanced nerve and muscle disorders as a result of long standing and poorly managed diabetes. They could get free treatment in return for participating in a trial.

Please always bear in mind that the corrective action of a specific botulism toxin on nerve junctions with small muscles, is limited in time. Injections have to be repeated on recurrence of symptoms. The injection is made from a purified extract of a bacterial colony: a gross or a mixture of toxins can kill rather than help! You will have access to an approved source of the medicine if you participate in an official trial.


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