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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Easiest Complication of Diabetes

The name is fearsome, but the condition is innocuous. Xerostomia is a scary word for a simple malfunction of the salivary glands. A dry mouth is not just a nuisance, but can help bacteria build up in the gums, since a normal mouth needs plenty of fluids to wash the critters away.

Xerostomia is a complication of diabetes, though it can also occur for other reasons in people with normal blood sugar metabolism. However, regardless of the reason, xerostomia is easy to fix; just drink plenty of water, and chew on sugar-free gum! Dentists can also prescribe artificial saliva to keep the insides of your mouth moist.

Though a dry mouth is no big deal, it is worth seeing your physician if you experience it, to try and figure out if undetected diabetes could have anything to do it. Episodes of xerostomia are normal when you are under extreme stress, but you have to take corrective action when it persists, or becomes a regular phenomenon.


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