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Monday, March 19, 2007

A Possible Solution to Insomnia in Diabetes

Juggling with the Glycemic Index of each item of diet is central to managing diabetes. Choice and timing of medicine depends on what you choose to eat, how much you eat, and exactly when. Many complications of diabetes arise simply because patients get tired of diet restrictions, and just eat or drink on impulse. Worse, work or travel may delay a meal, making you vulnerable to dangerously low blood glucose as prescribed medication taken earlier continues to work.

Close cooperation between a diet expert and a patient helps every physician who manages diabetes, to do a better job. A part of meal planning is the quantities and timings of carbohydrate intakes, since they raise blood glucose relatively quickly. I just came across the following link, which suggests that taking some of your carbohydrate quota at night could help you fall asleep sooner:

This is merely a preliminary finding, but it fits in with my personal experience that a couple of spoonfuls of rice helps me with some quick shut-eye. I avoid eating the delicious white stuff for lunch on a working day because you never know when the boss drops in and catches you napping at the desk!

Some folks have trouble getting to sleep at night, and many take tablets to help with insomnia. Why not try some rice instead? You have to ask your nutrition expert first though, if you have diabetes!

Sweet dreams!


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