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Monday, March 05, 2007

Why Self-Gratification and Patience May Beat Drug Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in a Spouse with Diabetes

Muscular weakness and diabetes of long standing go together. It is not an impossible situation, but contractions as strong as in a healthy young adult are rather unlikely.

Male erectile dysfunction is the most embarrassing manifestation of muscular weakness in diabetes, though older men with normal blood glucose metabolism may also suffer from the condition in some degree.

Drugs to treat male erectile dysfunction have created unusual excitement in patient communities. New medicine discoveries and regulatory approvals have become passé, but the prospect of older men regaining the hard, strong, and sustained erections of their youth, has justifiable allure.

I came across a report today which suggests that men with diabetes can also be treated with drugs for weak erections, but I am not convinced by the findings. But let me give you the link to the report first:

I am uncomfortable with the side-effects reported. We have always known that phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors act by dilating blood vessels, thereby enhancing the flow of blood. This class of drugs carries cardiac risks, and can interfere with a host of other medications as well. Take a look at the following link (also retrieved today):

Every spouse or partner contributes to decisions by men to seek drug therapy for erectile dysfunctions. I suggest that diabetes makes the risks of using such drugs less than worthwhile.

There are alternatives to conventional penile penetration whether you have a baby or simple pleasure in mind.


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