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Monday, March 12, 2007

It is Easier than You May Think to Make Glaring Mistakes at a Pharmacy When Getting Your Diabetes Medication

“Why are the tablets a new color this time”?

“Hey, this is not my name on the bottle!”

Just one mistake can be bad enough to land you in an emergency room-or worse!

It seems unlikely that pharmacists can make mistakes, but the truth is that it pays for you to double check that the person filling in your prescription has made no mistake. You do not want to be a victim of a spell of absent-mindedness on the part of the staff at a pharmacy, or to pick up someone else’s drugs in a tearing hurry.

Doctors are notorious for bad hand writing so it does help if you have a typed prescription or one printed off a computer file. Do ask your doctor to indicate the purpose of each prescribed drug, should he or she still be in the handwriting era, so that the pharmacist does not palm off something other than what you need, because the written name is similar to something quite different.

It always pays to stick with just one pharmacist, so that the staff gets to know you, and have all your medical details on their computers. Do remember to ensure that a new pharmacist is fully aware of all medications you take and any allergies you may have to certain drugs.

Diabetes is a condition which requires frequent pharmacy visits throughout life from the day that you blood glucose problem is uncovered. You have to make sure that such regular use of the technical service works uniformly to safeguard your health, with ZERO DEFECTS!


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