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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Pros and Cons of Sushi in a Diabetes Diet

I will start with the pluses:

It looks great, tastes special, is full of variety, and can be filling. Your diet and nutrition specialist will be delighted to learn of your interest, because the nutrition value of sushi fit in with the profile of a typical diabetes diet very well indeed.

It has become a fashionable dining out choice as well, but sushi may not be a safe choice when eating way from home. Raw sea food, which is a common ingredient of many sushi recipes, is a source of pathogenic infections, and may contain traces of heavy metals and other pollutants as well.

It is easy to make sticky rice and to source deep-sea weeds: ask me for links if you do not know about these things as yet. You might not be as good as an expert chef at wrapping and plating initially, but you can learn fast if you make a habit of putting your own sushi together at home.

Fully cooked sea food, which has not been harvested from shallow waters near effluent discharge points, is better than the raw stuff of unknown origins, regardless of taste considerations.


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