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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Living with Diabetes is Now Easier in India

Amul, a leader in India’s market for vegetarian dairy products, has just launched a delicious range of frozen desserts, with sucralose instead of sugar. Choose from chocolate, strawberry, and a couple of delicious fruit flavors. The dessert comes with cultures of beneficial bacteria, which are good for health. Fat content is low, and the calories are about half that of regular ice-cream.

A scoop of this dream stuff takes you back to life before diabetes, and adds great pleasure and anticipation to the main meal of the day.

The company, which is owned by cooperatives of small farmers, has launched the brand with generous offers. Now all that remains is to rush to a store and lay your hands on some stuff before stocks run out.

My freezer is full!


Anonymous living with diabetes said...

People with diabetes can get steroid medication if there's no other therapy that's likely to work, and if the patient has been informed of the probable increase of blood sugar level.

7:51 AM  

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