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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cosmetic Lower Limb Care in Diabetes

Excessively dry skin below the knees, all the way to the toes, is a common issue for people whose diabetes has been discovered late, or who are careless with their prescriptions. Minor skin infections in the area can also flare up, given the effects of spells of high blood glucose on immunity and blood supply just below the skin surface.

That is why a cream for the legs can help in diabetes. You could always ask your physician for a prescription, but look for moisturizing and anti-infective properties on labels, if you decide to shop for a cosmetic product on your own. Any reputed brand which can keep the skin moist and take care of visiting bacteria and fungi should do the job. Normal skin pH for the lower limbs varies with age, sex, and ethnicity, so it is best to choose a cream which interferes as little as possible with nature in this respect.

Keep yourself from scratching dry skin around your calves and feet, and stay free of infections in the area by choosing a skin cream which works best for you.

Let me know if you would like specific brand suggestions.


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