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Friday, February 02, 2007

Lasers, Gums, Teeth, and Diabetes

Oral care is an integral part of diabetes management. Periodontal conditions are more likely when patients have diabetes, and the threat of high blood sugar is always a reason when it comes to bacteria hiding in the cracks and crevices inside the mouth.

Conventional surgical procedures present additional problems when the patient in the chair has diabetes. The inevitable bleeding and inflammation during planning and work around the roots of teeth take so much more time and effort to control with diabetes on the plate.

Lasers are options worth considering for invasive periodontal procedures in diabetes. Injury and damage to surrounding tissues are considerably reduced by this highly focused method of intervention, helping people with diabetes recover from dental problems at about the same speeds as people with normal glucose metabolism.

Why are lasers not more widely used in surgical dentistry? The reasons lie in the technology of laser equipment for medical uses. A wide range of wave lengths and power factors are available, and a slight error in selecting equipment can do much harm to soft tissues inside the mouth.

Though conventional methods are your best bet if some surgical procedures are required in the mouth, and if you enjoy normal blood glucose levels, lasers are worth considering if you need extensive dental work and have diabetes at the same time. The trick is to locate someone with the right equipment and a sound track record in dealing with cases such as yours.

Ask your physician for a referral.


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