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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Sopas of Puerto Rico and Diabetes

Do not be put off if you know that ‘sopas’ is no more than soup in the Hispanic world, because this hot but humble meal starter is rather special in the U.S. territory of the Caribbean.

Hispanics and the indigenous tribes of Puerto Rico may be no less susceptible to diabetes than any of the rest of us, but the magic which they weave in to bowls of steaming sopas is sure to give you a whole new optic on a great way to satiate hunger with a dish that is more water than anything else!

It may be the infectious rhythms and free laughter that accompany most meals in Puerto Rico, but you do not really know your soup until you have experienced the start of a banquet on the tropical paradise.

Sea-food, vegetables, and even fruit make their way in to Puerto Rican sopas, and the variations are as broad as the many races which live in harmony in this U.S. territory. Learning to make sopas will help you with meal plans, and give you the opportunity to teach a thing or two to your nutrition care-giver for a change!

You do not need diabetes to enjoy a sopas every day, but the travails of the disease will seem lighter if you have a new recipe to which you can look forward every day.

Let me know if you would like links and ideas for creative, healthy, and satisfying sofas, which go well with every diet for top diabetes management.


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