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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Hat-Trick of Easy Tips to Fight Craving for Food in Diabetes

I was born for diabetes! My ancestors were devoted to trans-fats even before they were discovered, and I am compelled to follow their haloed footsteps in the quicksand of cholesterol! You are on the button if you think I am on the candy bandwagon as well, and chefs in charge of dessert buffets quake in my presence! Seriously, I am really in to food, and can survive no summer without plenty of sodas. The latter is no longer an issue, thanks to the miracle of aspartame, but I have had to find a path to longevity through the maze of ingrained eating habits. Here are 3 easy tips you can try if you have diabetes, or are on the way there:

1. Make every planned meal a grand event: eating and drinking are rigors of diabetes, for any extra tit-bit or treat out of place comes with a deadly calorie tag-and I do really mean deadly! I like to spend time thinking about my next planned meal, setting it out with great fanfare, making it look more voluminous than it really is, and then consuming it with dedication. No TV, newspaper, doorbell, telephone call, or even conversation is welcome, when I sit down to enjoy whatever it is that my nutrition-expert-wife will let me eat and drink. I recall now that I used to feel much hungrier when I did distracting things at meal times, such as talking, reading, or whatever.

2. Start with fiber and water: grainy bread, pasta without a thick sauce, cereal with loads of soy milk and sucralose, and melons, are my favorite meal starters. They are all good filling values for calories, and trick the brain in to thinking that hunger has gone away. Start with something fried and tasty, and it will only whet your appetite for more. Strange meal habits will not make you a popular guest, unless you are amongst the bold and beautiful, but it will help keep you diabetes free of complications.

3. Savor your favorite foods: the first taste matters most, as with a great wine. I used to rush through my meat and gulp my shakes, but it would only leave me longing for more! I have discovered that if I linger with the first bite or sip, I am satisfied even before that tip-of-the-food-pyramid portion is over.

Do try this bag of tricks and let me know if it works to help you stay with planned meals for diabetes.


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