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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Burns and Diabetes

Everyone with diabetes needs to take extra precautions to avoid burns. Even minor scalds, especially of the legs, which tend to have damaged nerves after years of diabetes, can take long periods to heal. Blood sugar is certain to shoot up after a burn. Medical treatment, especially surgical intervention, to help in recovery from burns, is complicated by diabetes.

Serious burns can lead to loss of consciousness. A person with extensive burns may be unable to speak coherently due to shock. Emergency care givers should know if a person with burns has diabetes. Normal dosages of oral medication and insulin will need changes in the period of treatment of and recovery from burns, so doctors in emergency rooms must have details of pre-existing prescriptions, and should be able to make immediate contacts with primary care physicians. Therefore, people with diabetes should carry information related to their condition, details of their prescriptions, and emergency contacts of their physicians, on their persons at all times.

Senior citizens with diabetes are especially vulnerable to complications if they suffer burns. Every effort to prevent such accidents is especially worthwhile in their cases.


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